Does CBD oil work for chronic pain management?

Many people use cannabidiol (CBD) to relieve pain. Understanding CBD can help overcome the stigma associated with it. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant. People report using this oil for relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. There is limited evidence from human studies to support the benefits of CBD oil, due to restrictions on the use of and research on cannabis. As cannabis is becoming legalized in various regions, research is gaining momentum and shows some promising results. In this article, we look at how CBD oil works and how people use it to relieve chronic pain.  Click here for full article

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Our Favorite Articles About Pet CBD Health

October is National Pet CBD Month so we thought we would share our favorite articles to help your pets feel their best.   Did you know that your pets can benefit from including cannabidiol (CBD) into their daily routine as much as humans? You might be surprised at the answer. As pet owners, it’s important for us to keep our dogs and cats happy, healthy, and safe. Giving your pet daily servings of hemp oil containing CBD can naturally promote cardiovascular function, support healthy joints, and promote neurological health and emotional behavior.    Here is the original link to full article.

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What is CBD?

CBD - three little letters that have had a rather large impact on society in the last few years.   What is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a compound (essentially a natural ingredient) found in the cannabis family. Yes, “that” cannabis! - the word many people stumble on or whisper. The word everyone associates with marijuana and getting high. But, that is actually not the complete truth. Unfortunately, the word “illegal” still comes to mind when people hear the word cannabis, which is why articles such as this one are helpful. Sometimes, even the word Hemp can cause alarm with people. Both Hemp and Marijuana are part of the same family of plants, known as the cannabis sativa...

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